Friday, 31 January 2014

Where's the math in love??

…well behind every good dating website there is an even better algorithm. <3

Heres a TEDTalk on the math behind how dating sites, and in this case OK Cupid, work out the likelihood of a successful relationship. 

Something I wouldn't show my students, but interesting real life example of hidden math. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Head Up! Advisory Game

One of my students in my advisory found this great app for our game day - Heads Up!

its like reverse Charades in a way. The student chooses a category. pLace the phone on their forehead and the other members of the group have to describe the word/celebrity/movie for them to guess. They only have a limited time to answer the questions.

Quick good game to have on hand.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How do I learn....

This was the follow up to my Advisory's Goal Setting Sessions (link to post can be found here). They had finalized their goals and now we were working on how they can achieve their goals by looking at them as a learner and subject specific learning opportunities.

... As a Learner?

Being new to the school and the system I felt a bit unsure of how I could best support my students interns of advice in the different subject areas. Knowing it would consume too much time and effort to personally do the ground work I had to come up with an alternative. 

Harnessed the knowldege of the students with a chalk talk routine (enter link).The students have the first hand experience and probably many more ideas than I could ever comeuppance with! It also was a great opportunity to get all involved in the "discussion"

Our end product looked something like this:

It was good to see students other than my students in advisory reading the sheet up in the room! 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Advisory Board

It's a bit of a tradition at the school to have an advisory board. Orange is one of the schools team colours - so my board is bright and school spirit approved! 

There's what I have so far: 
(Apologies for the blurry photo taken with my phone!)

Advisory Photos - from the recent Outward Bound trip from the first fortnight of school. Group shots and full advisory group. A mix of white boarders and black create a good contrast.

Mini white board to outline the week - great way to create a snapshot of the week, especially busy ones. I sometimes found it hard to keep track of things but with this nigty trick you and kids will be on the same page. You can use a normal mini white board, but since I wanted to use hanging push pins I needed something light - I hole punched heavy duty sheet protectors with coloured paper works well. You can also change the coloured paper to suit different times of year ( thanksgiving, Christmas, summer, etc)

Timetable - day scheduling and lesson times. Even a room timetable could be useful to pin up also.

Messages Pocket - I have two plastic pockets hanging on plastic pushpins. One labeled 'To Hand Out' and the other 'Handed Out'.

Library notices - kept on the side to remind students what's overdue

Birthdays - an easy printable to record students birthdays in the first day. Laminate or pop it into a plastic pocket and pin it right on to the board! Quickest birthday collection ever. I always get bogged in the creating of birthday displays right off the bat. This has been really useful this year. More can be found on my Pinterest page

Some other ideas colleagues do:
Advisory rules - they pin up their agreed advisory rules
'Look How We Had Grown' collage - where everyone brings in a baby photo
"Where in the world is…" - students bring in a photo of themselves from where ever they visit
Affirmations or Quotes - positive or motivational sayings. I have started collected them on Pininterst
Treat Day Roster - or done in Google Docs to be more dynamic.
Student work - name acronyms, activities etc 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Return from Christmas break: Guess Who Activity

First Advisory session after the Christmas break can be tough. Today we did a "Guess Who" activity where they wrote something about their break and their name (so I can read out the names later) on a small slip of paper which I held. They had  half an A4 sheet to record who they thought wrote each story/event as I read them out. It was a fun but difficult task. Something I would definitely try again.
Possibly next time I might try and use twitter template or even Padlet to do this  - just an idea - not sure how it would go in practice! :)

Secret Holiday Giver

Due to popular demand, my Advisory did a Secret Santa…Secret Snowflake… or in our case Secret Holiday Giver (hey, hey cam up with it and it stuck!)

Nice way to end the year and spread some Christmas cheer. I allocated people randomly by them picking a name out of hat. As they picked I recorded it down as a record for myself. At the back of the room there was a large plastic tub for them to place the notes and presents.