About Me

I am a secondary mathematics and science teacher who has a passion to teach and continually develop what I do in the classroom.

I am currently in my 10th year of teaching and am in the a fortunate position where, for the last 5 years, had the opportunity to teach in London (originally from Australia) . This big change has provided me with continuous inspiration and challenges to make me a better teacher. I have been so grateful for this experience and all who I have met so far. The experience to breifly teach in the English and currently in the US system has given me a fascinating insight into education from a global perspective.

I absolutely love hearing and learning about what other people have been doing in their classroom and incorporating some of these best practices or new ideas into my repertoire. I get inspired by things I see on the internet, my colleagues at work and my friends who share their experiences with me.

As a teacher, I am constantly working on ways to improve my lessons and student achievements. My aim is to improve engagement, high achievement and independent thinkers.

Word of warning - my mind often goes fast than my little fingers can write! I apologize in advance for any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Happy reading. I hope there is something here to inspire you

Miss M :)

Contact Miss M via email on teachingsnapshot@gmail.com