Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Love these things!!

Working in different school and different educational systems has allowed me to experience a new world of stationary! Oh yes, its true! You might be surprised, but the educational stationary "norms" actually change! At my current school we have these useful document wallets. They are made of study plastic but open around two edges to allow for easy access to put templates, grids, visible thinking routines etc inside. Don't get me wrong I still LOVE mini whiteboards (and in some ways have advantages over these), but enjoy having the versatility to swap in and out different papers. The picture below shows some of the different situations I have used them for.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Monopoly mayhem

Inspired by CensusAtSchool (also on TES) I edited resources to created a fun series of lessons for teaching Grade 8 Statistics. It revolved around investigating a pattern between the house prices on a Monopoly board with their prices today. 

Starter: The monopoly playing board was projected onto the whiteboard. Each student selected a token (playing token, house or hotel) card and had to stick it on the correct place. A dynamic interaction to introduce and to smooth out an questions about Monopoly and the big idea. 

Activity: each pair got a game board in a plastic pocket and markets. They didn't have to use them, but for those who needed to write or count things out the equipment was there. They completed the table and graph to see if there was any pattern and asmwered associated questions. 

Closure: we discussed finding, outliers and extension questions. 

This was such a fun activity. One where the students connected in an engaging way with the work. Using something that all (if not most) students have played before but in a mathematical way was something new and enjoyable for me. A resource I will look forward to using again! 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Grade 6 Graffetti...

My room is shared with a grade 6 class. Sometimes we cross paths before/after lessons and sometimes they see what we are doing in Grade 8 and Algebra 1 on the board. We have a lovely relationship - with them leaving me a plate of homemade treats after one of their classes! 

One afternoon after their class I returned to my room to see Grade 6 graffiti! It totally made me smile - never underestimate what students take in! From the graffiti they have been paying attention to what I have been leaving on the board and what they classified as further mathematics! What a fun lovely graffiti to discover! 

Advisory Game: Blind Count Off

It's the start of a new school year! In Grade 8 we are getting to know our new students and prepare for our annual camp. Today I tried an activity with them called Blind Count Off. I had heard of this from a colleague, who sometimes uses it with her advisory and then at Back To School Night immerse her parents in the same activity (and to beat the students score).

I had two challenges for them - one to see how quickly they could get to 12 (number of people in my advisory) and whats the largest number we can get to.

It was more effective than I thought! We stood in a circle (facing outwards) and tried to count without saying the number at the same time as someone else. The first few time we got stuck on 8 - we just couldn't get past it! We had a moment to get some feedback/suggestions and with a strategy in hand we went from a time of 1min 36 to 10.1 seconds! For the next challenge, we got stuck in the teens. Again after a discussion...I couldn't stop the numbers from coming...they kept going! And before we knew it we had reached ONE HUNDRED! There were cheers at the end - thats got to be a good sign!