Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Technology: Camscanner

 A colleauge showed me this handy little app - CamScanner. Easy to download and easy to use. It takes a sketch and converts it to an image. It will even clean up the background so you can put it straight into a document or test. 

Here is a sketch I did for an Algebra 1 test in CamScanner ready to be imported into the test or sent via email! Great little find! :)

Friday, 25 March 2016

Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge

Start of year team bonding activities can be a bit of fun and a great way to get to know a new class. 

In this activity you will need marshmallows, dried spaghetti (you can give a section of tape if you feel generous!), timer and ruler/measuring tape to crown the winners!

The aim to to build the tallest free standing structure in 15-20 mins. The process is what I find the most interesting. Who are the vocal leaders? Who are the quiet leaders? Who are nominated? Who nominated themselves? Who are the thinkers then doers? Who are the doers then thinkers? Whiners encouragement? Who needs further direction? There's are just a few of the questions that go through my mind. 


Happy Holidays

Flash Back! Secret Snowflake time has come and here my update! 

This year my group wasn't as enthusiastic about participating - so made it voluntary. We had a fun time at the gift exchange as we combined playing a game with the exchange of gifts. 

Distraction is a great thing! haha 

With mini whit boards in hand we played "Two Truth, One Lie". Some of the stories were side-splitting hilarious! This is often suggested as an icebreaker at the start of the year - however half was though the year worked extremely well as people already knew each other a bit and felt comfortable sharing out. It was fun way to end up term, and nice game that enabled us to complete the Secret Snowflake, but also with the game organizationally, everyone could be part of it.