Below are snapshots of experiences of education on a global platform or perspectives.


An immersion trip with staff to see what how our school could connect in a global capacity. Sr Denise Coghlan was our main guide. Sr Denise and the team Cambodian Campaign to Ban Landmines (CCBL) won the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize for their international work on landmines and cluster bombs. We saw first hand the destruction of war, ongoing danger of landmines and the hope of the future Cambodia. Visited Banteay Prieb, a center and home for people who have been disabled due to landmines, war, accidents or illness. The center provides training in a variety of fields (electronics, machinery, sculpture, textiles, agriculture, weaving) so they are able to able to support themselves and be a valued part of the community.
We also visited local schools in the Battambang area.

World Challenge

 A four week World Challenge expedition with students to Thailand and Cambodia. The expedition fosters leadership, decision making, independence and teamwork. There is physical challenge and community involvement component. The physical challenge was a week hike in the Chang Mai jungle and acclimatization trek at Hellfire Pass; while the community involvement was in a local Siem Reap orphanage teaching English, building a road, painting the boys dorms and building reed blinds. Fundraising money raised went to building the road, wash shelter and first aid supplies.


Currently I am living and working in London. This has been a phenomenal experience and opportunity. I initially worked in the English system before moving into (and currently) teaching in the US system. This experience has given me a fascinating insight into education from a global perspective as well as a chance to learn more about our amazing world, its' people, culture and history.

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