Thursday, 25 February 2016

Icebreaker: Help Harry

I haven't been on Pinterest for a while and stumbled upon a cute alternative to use gathering team building information or icebreaker - Help Harry. It echoes many aspects of the Spaghetti and Marshmallow icebreaker however it includes a cute little guy/gal called Harry (Harriet). Its from the blog called The Teacher Studio.

The aim is to design and create a perch for Harry to Hang out in using supplies (pipe cleaners, 12 inches of tape, two muffin liners, a piece of aluminum foil and two index cards). The thing I liked about this blog post is at the end students were able to evaluate themselves. Well worth checking out!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Winter fun with Lower School Buddies

It's winter and buddie time again! This year we dedicated two sessions to create some winter Therese's deviations! We had paper chains, fancy stars (many hands make light work and correct interpretation of the instructions!) and of course......snowflakes! This is an activity I had adopted since moving to the northern hemisphere - and enjoy very much! 

Below are some designs to get the creative cutting patterns started. I found even my 8th graders needed a bit of a refresher on how to fold the paper (rather than just quarters!). 

And here's the link to making 3D stars.

Happy Birthday!

This is the amazing jaw dropping cake my colleagues organized for me! The level of detail and thoughtfulness is absolutely astounding. So grateful to be working with such amazing, talented and caring people - thank you is simple not enough to say how blessed I feel. ❤️

Monday, 1 February 2016

Return from holidays activity

Having something on hand to share out students stories after a big break can be tough. This break I got each other to write down 3 facts or things about their winter break. I rewrote them (no hints with hand writing!) then posted them around the room. In morning advisory they had to guess who's was who. 
It worked really well. Some really got into it and some enjoyed the fact that no one guessed them! Inadvertently, due to assemblies and year level activities we couldn't do it right away. I thought it might loose its relevance, except it worked better than expected as they had to think! Fun, would do it again!