Sites and links to develop and build positive rapport with students in and out of the classroom. Use the tags on the Blog Home side bar to see my posts to do with Pastoral/Advisory

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Start of Year
Introduce someone to the group
Start of Year Time Capsule/Mid Year Time Capsule (follow up)
Draw yourself in 5 pictures
Human Bingo/People Hunt
Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge
Help Harry Activity and Reflection

Activity Days/Treat Days
Celebrity Heads/Post It Note
Heads Up
Movie Quiz (plus popcorn!)
Stop the Bus!
Name these celebrities when they were younger
Zip Zap Boing
Pictonary (pictonary generator #1 #2)
Charades  (Charades generator #1 #2 #3)
Movie Snippets

Post Holidays
Guess Who Post It Holiday Activity
CSI: Colour Symbol Image

Team Boding/Camp Preparation
Cup Game
Chocolate River

Birthdays/Special Events
What was the #1 song when you were born (This day in music site)
Winter Break Decorations
Secret Santa/Snowflake - blog post 1, blog post 2
Put the nose on the snowman
Making Snowflakes
Wrap the Mummy (Halloween)
Pumpkin Carving

"For the Love of Music" by Tekiu. Chillout Music
Teacher Channel
West Virginia Department of Education lesson plans for advisory lessons
Game Ideas from Middle School Advisory 101 blog
Various Activities and Icebreaker (pdf)

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