Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Types of Solutions to Equations & Funny Face

Had a fantastic lesson in teaching types of solutions. Inspired by my colleague last year, Better Lesson plan and some fellow bloggers:

Warm Up: Each student given "Equation Balance" sheet. Using something that they can see and intuitively understand to introduce the types, but also link back to when doing the examples.

Class Notes: an example of each, while also linking it back to the Warm Up Activity - to see how something we find intuitive can be linked with some thing more abstract.

Clap Clap: a routine learnt from the Columbia Math Camp... Ask students if there anymore questions? If not then it s 3 minute free write on how can they tell if an equation has one, none, or infinite number of solutions. If they can't do that - then they have questions! A quick routine to really check for understanding.

Practice: Funny Face
A creative activity where each student get a list of question with multiple choice answers. Depending not heir answer will influence what feature their person will have. These are our masterpieces!

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