Monday, 22 December 2014

Post-It Debrief

To introduce slope intercept form (y = mx + b), I used an explore activity to get students thinking like mathematicians. Encouraging them to look for patterns and make generalizations. In this activity, they used the graphing calculator and instructions to be guided though sets of equations.

The next lesson, I had a prepared poster and two sticky post-it notes for each student. As a Warm Up, I allowed them to look back on their responses from the activity and write an observation, statement, something of interested or a question. Here are some of their responses. 
PicStitch of Responses
This type of routine, was an interesting alternative to a discussion - which can sometimes be dominated by individuals and not allowing every student to share. It made everyone accountable in a non threatening way to write something, have their option valued and encourage risk taking since it was anonymous. 

The end product looks like this whih we had hanging in our classroom. Each my Algebra 1 classes made one which I hung together in the classroom - LOVED IT.

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