Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Where's My Mistake? System of Equations

First lesson back after break and we had finished graphical, elimination and substation methods for Systems of Equations. I also had a PD the last lesson before break - its been a little while between solving equations! Combining a warm up I did last year with a sheet I found online, I created a effective Solving Systems of Equations Analysis lesson. It was great to see them going one step further in their thinking and understanding of the solving process. Plus encouraging a good skill - finding mistakes and correcting them!

Warm Up:
Before they came into class I wrote two "solutions" on the board. Each one has been solved incorrectly and they had to find the mistake and re-work to find the correct solution.

Core Lesson:
This lead nicely into the next section. Handed out this wonderful resource online from Jackie Ballarini's blog, Continuities.

After students finished the error sheet I had already photocopied Common Core Application questions.

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