Sunday, 26 April 2015

Time Out Day 2014

Going through my iPhone I found some photos form Time Out Day. Time Out day is named after the popular publication called Time Out which keeps people up to date of events, attractions and cool stuff happening in their city.

The Grade 8 team teachers broke off in pairs to design a day where students can experience a different side of London. We had groups doing: Masterchef with a former contestant of the show, HMS Belfast, Design and Tate Museum, Outdoor Gardening and British and Portrait Gallery. We were in change of the last group. Below is a collage of the day!

We started out day gong over formalities such as the itinerary, reminders and what they might expect of the day. We then used the rest of our time to unleash their inner artist! Enter plasticine! We got them in groups to do some self portraits. Then showed them some high lights of the British Museum and National Portrait Gallery we got them to recreate famous artifacts - such as Hoa Hakananai'a using plasticine. We wanted them to interact with pictures we were showing them and wanted it to be interactive. The plasticine was a nice addition to the day - even if it meant I had to travel all around London trying to find it!

We set off by tube to the British Museum where they did a treasure hunt (fence competition with highly sought after prizes), we then went to the National Portrait Gallery and then the Real Food Market at Southbank. Yum!

All round a fun interactive day for all where we got to explore and appreciate some great sights that are right on our door step of this great city!

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