Tuesday, 27 September 2016

TedTalk: Super Chickens

This TEDTalk was mentioned in passing at work by Margaret Heffernan "Forget the pecking order at work". 

She presents the idea of "super chickens" making up a "super flock". We run companies and communities often via super chickens model. We have often been told the way to get ahead was to complete against each other. This often breeds friction, hostility and surpresses others. Heffernan urges us to see that there is a better was to work and live. Its through the joy of working with others, not against.

She says successful teams often have three factors - high degree of sensitivity to others, roughly equal time to hear each other and more women. The social connectedness build trust and trust builds social capital. This social capital gives momentum to ideas and building on good ideas to make them great. As she says "what happens between people counts - ideas flow and grow". This united culture of helpfulness outperforms independent intelligence and able to tackle hurdles efficiently.

I find this is a great talk. I love being part of team and never had anyone point out the benefits of production and wellbeing as well as Heffernan does. The value of the individual is so important.

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