Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My Legacy: The Quadratic Formula Song to Year 10 Mainstream Maths

A funny thing happened last week. One of those moments where you realise you have left an impression on a student. Well, maybe a class full of students. Here almost 3 years after I taught a student and she still remembers the song I played in class to learn the Quadratic Formula.
I remember back to the night before that lesson. I was thinking how could I teach this class the formula as I knew I was going to come up against some heavy resistant and persistent groans for the duration of the lesson. The wonders of You Tube - a catchy and repetitive (and a bit daggy) tune guaranteed to have every Year 10 singing along by the end.
The best part of this story happened the next year at parent teacher interviews. I was teaching her daughter maths and with such a success the year before I showed it the following year. Her mum came up to say how much her daughter was enjoying my class and had told her about the Quadratic Formula Song. Before I could even thank her, she broke out singing it! Made my day :D
So here is :my legacy to Year 10 Maths and past students - The Quadratic Formula Song.

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