Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Volume - Different defintions

Having a bottom set Year 10 group sometimes you have to be quiet creative on how you present concepts (see Usain Bolt post).

This time it was a lesson on Volume and Capacity.

I wanted a creative hook where they are engaged with the subject (sometimes difficult with this class) and create their own definition of volume with everyday situations. Its quite an unorthodox approach, but I was willing to give it ago and hopefully make it memorable for them.
I found my previous use of technology with this group was very successful with the use of Usain Bolt in the lesson of speed.

Chipmunk Clip
A bit of fun to introduce the idea of volume being the amount of space in side a shape of thing. Quite short but a surprising clip!

Mini Cooper
I start by asking how many people can fit in a car? Most will say 5. I use this idea to extend their thinking by saying well, is all available space being taken up or is there still room? This clip demonstrates the World Record attempt of squeezing the most people into a mini cooper. Again, this is designed to show them volume is the total available space in a shape.
A more formal documentary type clip on the World Record Attempt can be found here.
The Train

Rather than opening this clip up in You Tube, I used a website called Media Converter to save it as a media file. I did this because I didn't like the title that has been set on You Tube. I don't feel like its necessary to name the country where the footage was shot and detracts from the point of the clip.

Creating a definition of "Volume" or any concept is important as I found that sometimes the least obvious answer is the one that comes out first - like volume is the level of sound. Clarifying or picking up small misunderstands can help in the long run. :)

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