Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Angry Birds Quadratics

It was the end of term and the lesson after the end of year exam.....what to do?!?!

A colleague of mine was showing a DVD, but since I was new to the school and also been in a school where end of year videos were frowned upon I went to an alternative activity. All credit must got to Face the Math blog and a copy of the project can be found here (link no longer available, 2015)

Our last topic was Quadratics. I stumbled upon an Quadratic activity with the theme of Angry Birds.
It was math related, real life related and it reinforced all the concepts we had done (x intercepts. vertex, axes of symmetry, graphical form, table form and equation from). There was already an example of the end product that I showed as part of my presentation to get the ball rolling.
Here is some of the classes work.

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