Sunday, 23 June 2013

Create: Perimeter and Area

I have been trying to make a conscious effort to more creating and application type activities. I was inspired by a question I saw while flicking thought a textbook.
I took it one step further where I wanted them to write their name, nickname or motto on grid paper and calculate the area and perimeter. Students often have trouble distinguishing the difference between the units. Here its clear the perimeter is the outside of the shape, while the area is the squares inside the boundary (hence why we use squared units when describing area).
Before we started I modeled an example:
Many question came up in the design process - What is a good design? Is it easy to do use whole square, what do we do if we have bits of squares?
Furthermore, more questions like:  can we draw a shape that was the same perimeter and area? what are the units we use, why are they different? Can we draw a shape that has a larger perimeter than area? Draw as many shape with the area of 24cm2, or perimeter of 20cm etc


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