Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Menu Board

Teaching can be such an isolated profession. At points you only know what is happening inside your classroom.

I have had a few chances to go into other teachers classrooms and for them to come into mine. Apart from being a little nervous, its so good to see, hear and learn from what's happening in other classroom. I always find something new and interesting. This is not always possible (time, timetable, etc) so I find it always exciting to have a look on Pintrest or spend some time looking at some blogs - you never know what you might find...

The post on the blog spoke about using Menu's as a way to differentiate activities. There was a tic-tac-toe example. I read an exert from the book Differentiating using Menus and found it quite fascinating - something I wish to read a bit more about and see how I might be able to incorporate them into my teaching.

For inspiration and alternative ways to create choice for students - for example, getting them to choose  a main, side dish and desert options - have I got you curious? Check out this pdf

Ms Bothworth's blog has some great examples of math menu boards.

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