Sunday, 21 July 2013

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)

I have been noticing more and more QR codes in papers or on posters. You might also recognize them as those funny barcode like stamp. It got my interested and curious to know what they are, what can be done with them and how hard would it be to incorporate into class.
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Edutopia has some interesting ways in whish it could be incorporated. Or even, BBC has an article on QR codes and education.

Initially while surfing the net I came across Michelle Whites blog. She used her QR codes for a meet and greet self tour of the room. What a great idea! All images are from Mrs Whites 5th Grade Blog, and you can read more about her QR room on her blog here.


Many ideas can be found on Pintrest, blogs and resource sharing websites (such as TES, TeachersPay Teachers etc).

Ideas range from using them for sharing information, websites, worksheets, games, scavenger hunts, answers keys, links to videos,summary etc.

In practically different ideas I came across was:

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