Saturday, 14 December 2013

Advisory: Goal Setting

Student Goal Setting can be difficult. I feel sometimes we have overdone it - students have seen it year in and year out and can tune out just to say "oh, here we go again..."

Its goal setting time again in my school. I am trying to make it meaningful and achievable to my students. I am not comeplty sure - I guess we will see at the end!

I started off with a quote from Albert Einstien:

Introduced them to the idea of SMART goals, which ia an acyrnoym to advoiding some of the pitfalls of setting goals and not reaching them.

Over the next few advisory lessons I will get them to link about their goals and what it looks like, feels like and sounds like when they achieve them. Visualization an actually recognizing when they achieve it can be a powerful guide.

Then the next lesson I introduced them into planning out a path to your goal with this fantastic and very cute video. I just love it! The cartoons are fabulous and the accompanying music just is is sweet, but i love the fact there is no voiceover - students have to READ and ENGAGE with the clip. :)

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