Thursday, 19 December 2013

Turn a Quote into a Masterpiece App - Recitethis App

Stumbled upon this cool like web app, called recitethis, that turns anything your write into a funky poster type format. Best thing is its so easy to use! All you do is type your text, choose the format and download or share!

This week my class liked my quote "Manners cost nothing… but they are priceless" when I was shocked at the lack of please and thank you's happening in the class. They thought I was so deep haha

So that was my first creations:

But I wanted to try a more creative background…..

Thought this could be handy for: 
  • creating posters for home group/pastoral/advisory
  • getting students to find their favorite quote and sharing
  • using it to summarize an activity
  • anything where they have to create something (anti bullying campaign)
  • "headline" visible thinking routine
  • thank you/get well/farewell cards

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