Thursday, 1 May 2014

Creating definitions: Card Sort Polynomial Definitions

I really have been experimenting with the idea of students owing rules and definitions rather than myself just telling them. See Similar and Congruent Post

In Algebra 1, we have just started Polynomials and Factoring. The first lesson has many vocabulary words that students should become familiar with. Trying to make it a bit more exciting and memorable, decided to tinker with a card sort I made last year.

The instructions to students were as follows:
Each group got a set of cards. To make it easier, each group had a different color font. The vocabulary words were bold underline in contrast to the definition plain which was in plain text.

Once time is up, it's time to go over the answers as a class, record and show some examples. 

Since students had already read (and read multiple times during the Warm Up activity) they were already familiar with the words and definitions that the link with the examples seemed quite fluid and hassle free - rather than potentially overwhelming done traditionally. Would use again for sure!

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