Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fotor Photo Collage

On a recent trip to Bristol with friends I was introduced to PictStich. It is an app for smartphones that allows the user to mesh together two or more photos. An example of this can be seen below showing out delicious snacks and Brunel bridge:

Credit:Laura B
It got me wondering, is there was a online version that did something similar? I have found one called Fotor Photo Collage. I am sure there are more out there, but so far this is the one I am playing around with.

I have tested it our with a few images on this blog. It so far it has been easy to use, inutive, good features and reliable. The only thing I have struggled with is some of the sizing/resizing of images in the template. I am looking forward to using more of the photo templates and collage features. Its also worth noting it does have some "Photoshop" type features to freshen up or apply filter washes to photos.

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