Sunday, 29 June 2014

Advisory Folders

One thing I tried this year and was very successful was Advisory Folders

As like with any advisory/pastoral system, there are many topics to explore throughout the year. I decided to trial advisory folders to help organise and store students work, but also to help with advisory reports at the end of the year.

The picture above shows the students folder and some of the activity sheets completed in Grade 8 advisory. I printed invididal names on sticky labels and adhered them to the front. 

Some of the example above are: the 5 symbols start of year activity, Outward Bound preparation, goal setting work, Lower School Buddies human bingo sheet, and time capsule/letter to themselves (envelope).

I just place all folders snugly into another folder (picture above) and keep it on my desk or locked in a drawer.

Something I will definitely do (and develop further) next year! 

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