Sunday, 29 June 2014

Community: World Cup Sweep

Recently a colleague made a sweepstake for the World Cup

Not knowing anything about soccer (I mean) football, I certainly didn't have high hopes for too much!

The way it works is everyone puts in £5 and picks a name out of the hat. If your team comes first, second, third or fourth you get a prize. Also, if a player from your team is awarded like MVP for the World Cup (not sure what the official name is) you get a little prize too.

Fingers crossed. This is who I picked out .... Go Brazil! 

I was thinking this could be done with your advisory class if an event like this was during your academic school year. I wouldn't ask students to bring in £5, however maybe have prizes (erasers, chocolates, puzzles etc). It's possible to allocate prizes or alternatively give them the choice in teams finishing order. I prefer giving them the choice as then the student gets what they really prefer.

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