Thursday, 25 September 2014


Today I turned my lesson on its HEAD! Seeing potential in the lesson on Relations I was inspired by Math=Love blog on foldables and interatcives.

It started with a Free Write on Relations. An idea picked up form the Teachers College PD. A free write asks students to write any words, connections or information about the key word. They can use resources (notebook and laptop) to create their own definition or understanding.

Next was elaborating the multiple representations foldable. This lends itself to visual and kinesthetic learners in the class - plus harking back to their younger years using foldables. (which they were quite positively nostalgic about!!)

Looking at some characteristic of Relations, next stop was some notes on Independent/Dependent Variables and Domain/Range:

This was also a nice time to talk about different memory tricks that could be employed to help remember new words or concepts:
Acronym to remember related words

With an exaggerated g, it almost looks like the y axis.
Using capitals the word DOMAIN looks like it has the letter "x" in it relating to the relevant x values of a relation.

OK, its time for ACTION! Interactive foldable to practice identifying the domain and range of a variety of graphs. 

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