Wednesday, 17 September 2014


This has been a pipe dream of mine. At my first UK school they had ink stamps which you could use to stamp a math workbook and provide feedback. One if my regents was never finding out where I could get one

When I collected books and forgot said stamp, I would resort to writing it by hand. It worked - but was repetitive and unattractive. 

I miss the stamps and felt it was a nice personalised and constructive feed back to students on the workbook which sometimes get overlooked. So determined, I googled if there were ready made stamps (there could of been a niche market out there?!) or design my own. Finally I came up with the idea of printing my own labels! 

Once the template was sorted it was fairly straight forward. It's good having them on hand ready to go and not having a potentially messy ink pad around. 


So far students have had a very positive response. They like that they are getting targeted and individual feedback on their work (workbook) which is clear and structured. 

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