Friday, 5 June 2015

Alternative London: Masterchef

It's that time of year again! Many Grade 8 students are on Language Trips so we create our own Alternative London (rebranded from Time Out Day). Last year Julie and I designed a day out exploring the British Museum and Portrait Gallery. This year, Wendy and I took over the Masterchef Day!

Local industrial kitchens were hired and our resident Masterchef TV celebrity,  Sean, deigned a started, main and dessert for the students. 

Students and teachers met Sean at the kitchens as he transported all of our indigents n his car. He gave us a quick overview of the day, the kitchen, responsibilities and hygiene. First on the menu was the quiche starter. Student were given the common ingredients and booklet inspiration, but it was up to them what they put into it. The main was chicken escallop with a potato side. The desert was their twist on the Eaton Mess.

Fantastic day was had by all. At first students were frighten that they didn't have a recipe but it showed that cooking is not scary and doesn't always have to have a recipe. It can be fun and experimental!

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