Thursday, 4 June 2015

End of Year Activity: Paper Folding Geometry Vocabulary

Instructions have been produced by the Queensland Department of Education and Training (Australia) website - Geometry by Paper Folding - A step-by-step guide (the link since doesnt work but an alternative can be found here). I cannot express how straightforward the instructions were especially with photos and key vocal pointers. Amazingly easy!

First, I printed a circle on multi coloured sheets of paper. Rather than drawing by hand I used a template (page 4) in the document Get in to Shape (Dan Myers blog).

I wrote the words on the board to focus what Geometry vocabulary we were going to be looking at.

However, next time I might not write them in order (silly me!) and get them to cross them off as we discuss them/used them to describe what we see (Geometry Bingo).

We then decorated each truncated tetrahedron and pasted them together to form an icosahedron. This will be placed in my room as a reminder of the class.

Some interesting maths beyond the folding can be found in the document "Magic Circle" where is explores ideas of surface area etc with the folding.

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