Thursday, 3 September 2015

Advisory Game: Blind Count Off

It's the start of a new school year! In Grade 8 we are getting to know our new students and prepare for our annual camp. Today I tried an activity with them called Blind Count Off. I had heard of this from a colleague, who sometimes uses it with her advisory and then at Back To School Night immerse her parents in the same activity (and to beat the students score).

I had two challenges for them - one to see how quickly they could get to 12 (number of people in my advisory) and whats the largest number we can get to.

It was more effective than I thought! We stood in a circle (facing outwards) and tried to count without saying the number at the same time as someone else. The first few time we got stuck on 8 - we just couldn't get past it! We had a moment to get some feedback/suggestions and with a strategy in hand we went from a time of 1min 36 to 10.1 seconds! For the next challenge, we got stuck in the teens. Again after a discussion...I couldn't stop the numbers from coming...they kept going! And before we knew it we had reached ONE HUNDRED! There were cheers at the end - thats got to be a good sign!

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