Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Monopoly mayhem

Inspired by CensusAtSchool (also on TES) I edited resources to created a fun series of lessons for teaching Grade 8 Statistics. It revolved around investigating a pattern between the house prices on a Monopoly board with their prices today. 

Starter: The monopoly playing board was projected onto the whiteboard. Each student selected a token (playing token, house or hotel) card and had to stick it on the correct place. A dynamic interaction to introduce and to smooth out an questions about Monopoly and the big idea. 

Activity: each pair got a game board in a plastic pocket and markets. They didn't have to use them, but for those who needed to write or count things out the equipment was there. They completed the table and graph to see if there was any pattern and asmwered associated questions. 

Closure: we discussed finding, outliers and extension questions. 

This was such a fun activity. One where the students connected in an engaging way with the work. Using something that all (if not most) students have played before but in a mathematical way was something new and enjoyable for me. A resource I will look forward to using again! 

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