Friday, 2 November 2012

Questioning questions in maths

"I teach high school math.
I sell a product to a market
that doesnt want it
but is forced by law to buy it"
- TEDxNYED video - Dan Meyer
What a great 12 minute clip looking at the way math is presented in most classrooms. It explores how textbooks sets out and communicates problem solving questions to our students and how we can engage, stretch, question and make real life links.
He talks about removing information and presenting the problems as basic as it can be, to engage students in dialogue about what information is necessary and hence what is actually important. It strips away the "math" or "formula" and gives everyone a chance to link with the problem and connect with solutions, and more importantly problem solving.
In particular I enjoy his version of the steepest slop introduction to gradient.
He uses multimedia to demonstrate real life situation - all filmed with a phone or similar.

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