Friday, 23 November 2012

"Success Protocol" for discussions

The Success Protocol was used in a PD recently as a strategy to discuss findings.

At first I thought it was a bit strange to have an outline about how to run a discussion - especially with adults! I soon discovered there were some great positives to this routine - rippling into the classroom and personal arenas.

If you haven't already opened it, you can open an electronic version of the Success Protocol here.
In our scenario we had 3 people, each reporting on a different experience they have had in their classroom and used the above Protocol to discuss.

1. Each person got to speak about their experience or what they had found or the successes that they experienced. This is uninterrupted  - no one should butt in (it's harder than you think actually!!). A guide time is about 5-10minutes
2. Others in the group can ask clarifying questions, or ask the speaker to elaborate. Here is where all you questions that you wanted to ask before can come out! :)
3. Addition insights and general discussion is encouraged. The group can analyze what they have heard and summarise positive or important points
4. And as they say "Take a moment to celebrate the success of the presenter."

It was very empowering to have a time where you could fully explain yourself uninterrupted. It occurred to me how often we are interrupted and do it to other people - it's almost second nature to us. The power of not being interrupted and giving the speaker time to talk is so valuable. This would be great to allow students in our class who often get overshadowed in normal class discussion a time or at least a chance to shine. Now I am making a more conscious effort not to interrupt others while they talk - as I know how good it feels (and as I said its not as easy as it seems!)!!

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