Thursday, 15 August 2013

Grrrr! (and some Mac shortcuts)

Oh boy...

Its funny how easy we can get use to something. I wrote my last two posts at work during my breaks on the school Mac. When growing up, throughout university and during my whole teaching career I have used PCs.

I was horrified to see how many mistakes I made - blame it on the shortcuts or the tiredness but it just goes to show how much we can be creatures of habit (and writing posts on my PC)!

Great thing about this situation, is with the help of Google, there are plenty of people on the wonderful world wide web that are very happy to share their skills and tips. I decided to start with some Mac shortcuts (and my frustration of not having a "Snipping Tool" in a Mac  - I leant there was a shortcut though!).

Some useful links are:
Mac for Beginners - user-friendly page and not too overwhelming
Laptops' Mac for Beginners - a list of 22 shortcuts
Mac Centrals' Mac Keyborad Shortcuts

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