Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New School Year & Orientation Day 1

So it's a scary thought that a new school year is about to start.

Only a few weeks ago I remember sitting at my desk after the Grade 8 Graduation and Farewell lunches and thinking I didn't want to go.

Now, I am nervous, wishing I had a few more weeks break to delay the inevitable first day jitters. On the flip side, I am also curious to see what the new year will bring....new colleagues, new students, new hurdles, new risks and of course new memories.

This week is orientation week for new staff. Although I had taken a maternity placement position at this school last term, I really wanted to be part of the Orientation Week as I still feel new and have a lot to learn. Being "thrown in the deep end" last term, was a great way for me to learn. You just got the job done and ask LOTS of questions as each new event rolled around.  The way I like to explain my experience was it was like rolling one school year into one term. For example: getting to know the staff, getting to know the students, learning your way around the school, learning protocols, using technology specific to this school, student lead conferences, familiar with curriculum, excursions, WrAP testing, overseas filed trip, communicating with parents, subject selection, high school placements, assessment and graduation....phew, what a list!

This orientation will be a great opportunity to go back and fill in the blanks.

During our first section during the introduction each person part of the Senior Management team gave a hint or tip after they spoke about their specific topic. It added a nice personal touch as well as some great "inside tips". They ranged from school related (get to know the Meal Deals at the Canteen) to places to go, things to do to help settle into a new city to suggested apps.

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