Sunday, 29 September 2013

Common Core Math 8: Expoenents and Scientific Noation Resources

Found my recent unit went really well and thought I would share some of my links and ideas. As with most teachers redesigning units and searching for the right resources to adapt their courses for the Common Core can be time consuming, exhausting and frustrating.

The basis of the flow of the unit was based on the sequence I thought back home. But with the deeper understanding and discovery activities emphasised by the Common Core - it went better than I could of expected!

A rough outline (this is not broken into lesson but main ideas throughout the unit):

1. Get students to "discover" the rules. Allow them to see the pattern, discuss, anaylise and come up with a rule before formalising it or showing the rules in the text or other resource
2. Get them using them AND if they get stuck always emphasise to go back to the expanded version.
3. Avoid referring to the Exponent Laws as "laws". I call them "shortcuts" because that's what they are - emphasise the understanding not the process.
2. Summarise the Exponent Laws (Exponent Shortcuts) in different ways - see my previous post.
3. Do exponent laws first before introducing scientific notation. It is a real life application of exponents.
4. Review using the multiplying and dividing patter they have seen before with 10, 100, 1000 etc before using instructional "Learnzillion" videos
consolidate converting scientific notation with round robin activity with Beacon Learning Sheets to
6. Used M.A.R.S Task

Good resources I found:
Engage NY Curriculum Document (147 pages, PDF)
M.A.R.S. Math Task: Estimating Length using Scientific Notation (PDF)
Beacon Learning: Scientific Notation Sheets (PDF)

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