Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Excitement!!! Project Zero

As soon as I heard this was happening I was over the moon!

Project. Zero. In. London.

I am excited to hear the likes of Howard Gardener, Ron Richhart, David Perkins etc. I remember quoting some of them in my education essays back in Uni not to mention the recent PD on visible thinking recently. Some would say rock stars of education.

The focus of the three days are:

Education in the 21st century is shifting in dramatic ways. We know young people are thinking and learning with tools never dreamed of fifty years ago.  How we as educators respond to these changes will have a significant impact on the shaping of minds in this new century.

At Project Zero, we continue to expand our understanding of what thinking and learning look like and under what conditions they flourish.

This latest Project Zero Perspectives conference will feature plenary sessions with renowned writers and thinkers Howard Gardner and David Perkins. Project Zero researchers Veronica Boix Mansilla, Lois Hetland, Carrie James, Ron Ritchhart and Shari Tishman will also give major talks. Interactive courses will be led by researchers and educators who have been putting Project Zero ideas into practice in schools and other learning settings around the world.

Held in collaboration with the Center for the Advancement and Study of International Education (CASIE), this Project Zero conference will highlight the following research strands:
  • Building a Culture of Thinking: How do we help learners develop dispositions that support thoughtful learning across school subjects? Why is it important to make thinking visible?
  • Educating for Global Competence: How do learners demonstrate global competence? How do educators ensure that learners in their charge explore complex issues of global significance through multiple perspectives?
  • Growing Up in the Digital Age: How are the meanings of local and global citizenship shifting in the 21st century? How do young people conceptualize their participation in virtual worlds and the ethical considerations that guide their conduct?
  • Learning in and through the Arts: What can we learn from the practices of teachers in the arts? How do the arts encourage creativity and certain habits of mind that are necessary in all disciplines?

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