Thursday, 26 September 2013

Share Out session 25th September 2013

It was out first K-12 Math meeting last night. It was broken up into an introduction and a "share out" session. The introduction outlined goals for the year and set the scene for the future meetings.

The majority of the time was then spent in two halves - 4 share out sessions and then a second share out session run by colleagues of the Lower, Middle and High School. There were topics from technology, from reflections of PD, to instructional strategies.

Mine was titled:  Sharing my teaching experiences provoked from Dan Meyer’s TED talk: Presenting the math problem with minimal structure for maximum problem-solving from inquiry and discovery approaches. 

My first share out session was about a PD course that was run over summer by Stanford University. It was really good as it overlapped with my presentation!

Overall it went well. I didn't have a big audience, but it was good size to have a conversation and not to daunting for me as I need to develop my public speaking and being int he spot light.

I prepared a talk, an accompanying Prezi and a handout. I am trying to have less on my presentations and more visual stimulus. My prezi can be found here but needs the script to accompany it or it wont mean much! A rough script can be found here.

I made a handout of some references that I thought might be useful to the colleagues who attended.

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