Sunday, 9 March 2014

Math Project Menu and WWW EBI Feedback sheet

Problem solving and worded problems can be one large mountain to climb!

Had a pretty fun session with my Grade 8's exploring Linear Functions and Models through a menu board of sheets.

We started by doing a class problem, 'The Growing Cube', to explore the steps of working mathematically in practice and encourage group work and collaboration 

We used a range of materials to explore, collect data and investigate a pattern.

After The Growing Cube, problem students started the menu board sheets. Students liked being able to do the activities in their own order and have some overall some choice in relation to the problems. As well as, optional bonus credit problems.

Then it raised the question for me  - how can I give constructive feedback and have some sort of record also. Yes, I could of just written ll my feedback on each sheet and taken some notes, but having a feedback form I thought might be useful to see patterns and a "one stop shop".

I produced a simple table, similar to a PMI to structure my feedback and ensure I am giving some balanced comments:

Then lightbulb moment - why, oh why didn't I think of this earlier?!?!?!….WWW EBI!! Such better language to use! It was too late or my class but not for my teaching colleague! Take 2 is much better! :D

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