Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Flip Video

Last week I made this video on using the calculator to find key features of a Quadratic Graph. It reminded me that I had yet to blog on such aspect of my teaching! So here we are...!

At my school we have an online platform that students can logon and get homework, class resources and extra help. We are fortunate to have document cameras at our school and with a quick free download off the suppliers site can also use them to create easy videos! NB: No Academy Award will be awarded (but I am ok with that)!

The program is as easy as click - record - save - upload. I have found the easiest way to create these movies is by using a mini whiteboard. I use this if many students need to catch up (Language trip etc), summary of a new skill so they can review and practice at home, or flip lesson for understanding features on the calculator. Collecting materials, recording, youtube upload and embedding it in our site, all up took just over 15mins.

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