Wednesday, 17 October 2012

"Fill in the blank" worksheet

I used this a bit in my Year 10 Big Ideas in Science Class. It was the first year this course was running. It just so happens that there was quite a bit of supplementary material and sheets. At the conclusion of the topic, this "Fill in the blanks" worksheet was a nice way to encapsulate main points and give some structure to their revision.
It was a way to reflect on their learning and make connections back to the content. It acted as a simple summary where students could collaborate and refer back to their theory notes to bring together all the things thay had been learning.
The sheet prompted them to go back to their vocabulary and see what they knew about the missing words and definitions. In the process it also made students re-read over parts of sheet to trial their missing word - this reption in turn could help commit some of these understanding to memory more easily.
Overall, this proved to be a quite successful. Students reation to thus activity was very positive. It also proved to be a good activity for students to collaborate, share knowledge and discuss their understanding.
How to create one??
This type of sheet does require a bit of preparation. I found it easier to write it all down as a paragraph. Save that version as my solutions. Then open it up a new document where I would take out the words, create a list of missing words, do some formatting etc and saving it as the student version. After my first few attempts I had the process down pat and didn't take much longer to produce one that it did to type it up.

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