Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wrap Up Activity: Exit Pass

A simple and effective strategy to wrap up a class and summarising main points. This can be done individually or as a class. You can get students to write it down or verbalise it as they walk pass you out the door. I like this strategy as it makes EVERY student accountable - no student could slip though the cracks.

 The Exit Pass.

1. Preprepated Exit Pass Template. Some may prefer a creative and realistic approach where students are given a "exit pass" and have to hand it up as they leave. These templates can be created using word or bought.
2. In Class. No reason you cant do it even if you have no cards ready! . I made my own version by drawing it on the board and getting them to respond in their Summary Book. These are examples from my Year 7 maths class
3. Verbally. I usually only do this after the class has seen this strategy a few times. Where as they leave the classroom they have to give me an example or fact or idea from the lesson.
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