Friday, 5 October 2012

Linear Equations Graphing: Stained Glass Window Activity

This ready-to-go activity was from "Love Maths" website called "Stained Glass Window - Graphing" (you might need to scroll down a little bit to find the Word Doc) or via Scribe here.
This was a great activity to practise drawing straight lines in the form y=mx+c. My class really enjoyed it and they looked great hanging in our classroom (bonus that it was colourful AND maths related!!! :) )
As I wanted them to take it seriously and do it well, I coloured in the solution to visually show them what kind of expectation and standard I wanted the work to be. This was good as it really motivated the kids to take pride in this activity, but also the weaker ones who wanted to "get it right".
Here is my example that I showed the class. It also doubled as the heading for the display on our classroom wall!

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