Sunday, 21 October 2012

Visual Vocabulary

Glossaries are great way to help explain or give meaning to a term.  In the past I have made students create their own glossary to explain scientific or mathematical terms. This has worked for some students - and hasn't for others.
I came across this image on Pintrest recently.
It inspired me to try a visual vocabulary. I trialled this in my Year 7 Science class in the unit of Ecology. This unit used and exposed students to many different terms - producer, consumer, biotic, abiotic, ecosystem, population, community, food chain etc. I thought this idea of a visual vocabulary was a great way for students to not only recall but to also apply their understanding in a different way (referring to the Blooms Taxonomy) as well as catering for the visual learners in the class (Multiple Intelligences).
My criteria for their Visual Vocabulary consisted of three parts - the term, a definition and a picture of or illustrating that term. Summarising the term or creating a diagrammatic situation challenge their thinking and hopefully in turn made the word easier to remember.

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