Monday, 29 October 2012

Roll the dice - build a cell!

Not my best lesson, but definitely had potential. Aim was to introduce the parts of the cell to my Year 7 class. I was looking for some interactive and fun stuff on the internet to use with the IWB. I found it difficult to find the correctly pitched (main parts not all the organelles) and something other than a simple drag and drop IWB interactive.
I found this "Game" on the TES website - Cells Beetle Drive (by gregodwod).
Beetle Drive... yes, I thought it was a strange title too.... supposedly it a British Thing. According to Wikipedia "it is a British party game in which one draws a beetle in parts. The game may be played solely with pen, paper and a die or using a commercial game set, some of which contain custom scorepads and dice and others which contain pieces which snap together to make a beetle/bug", or well in this case a cell.

I used it "as is". Will use this again for sure, but with some minor changes. One to include the mitochondria as part of the role. Definitely change the title and images to fit the Aussie audience. I might also tweak the instructions as my students are not as familiar with the concept as the authors class. Other than that, really impressed with the idea and how well it went in the class. Who would have thought the old dice and some friendly competition would work in todays tech obsessed world!
Lets hope this will prevent any of my students answering like this, haha

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